What is the minimum age for flight?

If a child can sit upright in their own seat, with or without a booster seat they are fine to fly.  We do have a booster seat available for the flight.  Please advise when booking if this is needed.

How many passengers can it hold?

Besides the pilot, there are three seats available for passengers.  We do have weight restrictions.  No passenger can weigh over 300 lbs and the combined weight of all the passengers cannot exceed 550 lbs.

Can you fly year round?

Yes we can.  We are able to fly as long as the weather permits.  What does this mean?  Icing conditions, very low visibility, low cloud clearance, thunderstorms, strong wind, etc. would require rescheduling.   

How fast does the helicopter go and how high do we fly?

Our normal cruise speed for touring is 100 knots, however airspeeds may vary.  We usually fly 800 feet above the ground during the day or 1,000 feet at night.

Day vs. Night flight. Which is better?

The answer is it depends.  If you are very familiar with the area, have a nostalgic tie, need to see the ground, or want to see the houses and what the neighborhoods look like:  day flying is better for you.  If you want a different ambiance, a romantic flight, or to see the area at night and hit the hot spots:  a night flight is the better option.

How long does it take to learn to fly?

You can obtain your private helicopter license in about two months, quicker if you really push yourself.  The average person accumulates 50-60 hours before they pass their checkride and with work schedules it averages 6 months to a year.

Can you fly over the NFL stadiums or MLB Fields during games?

Without a waiver from the FAA we cannot provide tours 1 hour before a game begins till 1 hour after it ends.  There are also restrictions over Division 1 college football games.

Can you accommodate my 90 year old grandmother/grandfather?

If they are healthy enough to fly it isn’t a problem.  We can assist with a step stool or a golf cart ride to the helicopter from the FBO.  They will need to be able to lift their legs a bit to step into the helicopter and we can assist with placement or balance.  If they have a walker we can store it during the flight until they land.  When booking please advise the condition of the passenger and how much assistance may be needed.  We can schedule accordingly.

Can you do proposal flights?

We can do proposals and we have done a lot of them.  Music, bottle of wine, chocolates, and flowers are just a few ideas to think about.  Talk to us about scheduling and the best duration of flight.

Can we use our phones, GoPros, camcorders, cameras in the helicopter? If we want to do a Facebook Live video or Facetime can we?

Yes you can.  With that being said, we ask that if you start a Facebook live video on the ground that you pay attention during takeoff and landing.  These are the most dangerous phases of the flight and the pilot needs full concentration.  We also operate out of controlled airspace in which the pilot will be talking to an Air Traffic Controller.  He will need to listen and respond to requests as they are asked of him.  If the microphone is being used to narrate the video he may miss some important information.

How should we dress?

The helicopter does have a heater but it does not have air conditioning.  In the summertime, shorts or jeans are fine.  We do take the pilot door off for additional air flow but if we do not there are fresh air vents that provide ample cooling when we are moving.  As far as the winter goes, we would suggest dressing warm but the helicopter is heated.  You do not need to dress like you are trekking through Alaska, but sweaters and jackets are good.  You will have to walk outside to get to the helicopter.

Should I tip the pilot?

While tipping is not required, they are accepted and greatly appreciated.